B&W Photography Zine – Alone in a new city

Hi friends.

I wanted to let you all know that I have just published my very first black & white photography zine titled ‘alone in a new city’. The zine contains 26 of my original black & white photographs on separate pages with their accompanying quotes & is A5 in size.

As the title of the zine suggests, this photographic series depicts my experience of being alone in a new city. Moving to a foreign city alone was one of the hardest & most brutal experiences of my life. Now that I have returned home & am no longer alone & can reflect back on the experience, I can see that while the loneliness was at times overwhelming, I managed to produce some of the best photographs I have ever taken. ‘Art is pain’, as they say, & this photographic series is certainly my personal testament to that notoriously cliché, albeit very true notion.


You can purchase my zine for $5 from my Etsy store here

& for my Melbourne based friends, you can buy a copy in person at the fantastic sticky institute

– Allysha

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