B&W Photography Zine – Alone in a new city #2

Hi friends.

I wanted to let you all know that I have just published & put up for sale in my Etsy store the second instalment of my black & white photography zine titled ‘alone in a new city #2’. The zine contains 26 of my original black & white photographs on separate pages with their accompanying quotes & is A5 in size.

This is not a slick, print-perfect photo zine – it was made by hand using rudimentary DIY zine-making techniques to replicate the character of the original 1960s analog zine style. Every copy of this zine is slightly different because they are duplicated from a cardboard master copy which was made by printing every photograph individually & then cutting/gluing them in place, as well as using a typewriter to copy, cut & glue in every quote.


As the title of the zine suggests, this photographic series depicts my experience of being alone in a new city. Moving to a foreign city alone was one of the hardest & most brutal experiences of my life. Now that I have returned home & am no longer alone & can reflect back on the experience, I can see that while the loneliness was at times overwhelming, I managed to produce some of the best photographs I have ever taken. ‘Art is pain’, as they say, & this photographic series is certainly my personal testament to that notoriously cliché, albeit very true notion.


You can purchase a copy of my zine through my Etsy store here for $5

Or for my Melbourne friends, you can pick up your own copy in person at the fabulous sticky institute.



      1. Vrushali

        Yes they are awesome! And if you’d scroll through my blog you’d see a post on how to make zine at home (it’s like the fourth post from top)

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