Book Review – ‘When the Future Comes Too Soon’ (2017) by Selina Siak Chin Yoke


The book I will be reviewing this evening is “When the Future Comes Too Soon” (2017) by Selina Siak Chin Yoke. JKS Communications very kindly sent me an advance reading copy to review, & I am very thankful as I have been exposed to an amazing author whom will most likely become one of my favourite contemporary novelists.

“When the Future Comes Too Soon” follows the story of Wong Mei Foong, a woman struggling to thrive during a time of war, increasing racial tension, and a husband who has been beaten down by life and consumed by bitterness. Uniquely immersing readers into another world and time, the novel embarks on a journey through Malaya and the forces that shaped its culture.

“When the Future Comes Too Soon” is a powerful tale of heroine Mei Foong, & throughout the entirety of this book & her myriad of struggles, she stands like a tower of strength. While her country endures food shortages, triple digit inflation and tortuous conditions, Mei Foong weathers every challenge she encounters not only as a strong, dedicated mother, but as a warrior would.

I would highly recommend “When the Future Comes Too Soon” to any fan of historical fiction, & to those readers who are perhaps looking for a stand-out book to start a new found love affair with this genre. In a similar fashion to Amy Tan’s “The Joy Luck Club” and Arthur Golden’s “Memoir’s of a Geisha”, “When the Future Comes Too Soon” transports the reader to a new land. With imagery that is equally descriptive & beautiful, one can’t help but find themselves deeply immersed & enchanted in Mei Foong’s world.

“I know now that I was simply pretending. I pretended to be strong and, in the act of pretending, discovered a reservoir of strength I never realised I had.” -Mei Foong

Don’t miss out on this book friends, it is a remarkable read.




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