TeaQuation is a California based cafe serving hand-crafted & all-natural tea cocktails that are uniquely delicious and refreshing. Every drink is made from fresh fruits, pureed and squeezed daily. TeaQuation also serve desserts, snacks, and savories that are amazing in their own right.

As a passionate tea consumer I was happily surprised & delighted with every drink I tasted at TeaQuation. I have never tasted or seen anything remotely on par with the drinks the creative geniuses at TeaQuation are making on a daily basis. It was a truly unique taste experience, & I mean it when I say that you won’t find these great tasting drink menu items anywhere else! 

Taking inspiration from the refreshing & original drinks I was served, I busted out my glow sticks & decided to experiment with some light painting in TeaQuation’s Redwood City Cafe & I am very happy with the results.








Thank you for taking the time to peruse my photography.

I hope your New Year is off to a positive, healthy & safe start 🙂





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