2019 Bright Night Run + Ironman

“Struggling and suffering are the essence of a life worth living. If you’re not pushing yourself beyond the comfort zone, if you’re not demanding more from yourself – expanding and learning as you go – you’re choosing a numb existence. You’re denying yourself an extraordinary trip.” – Dean Karnazes


On Friday the 3rd of May I participated in the Port Macquarie Bright Night Run – a 5km family-friendly fun run with all proceeds going to locally based charities. It was a great night with lots of people clad in fluorescent gear – myself included – with a variety of entertainment including laser shows, live performances & interactive games along the course.


It was my first official 5km run & the perfect way to start the Ironman weekend here in Port Macquarie which, as always, provides ample amounts of inspiration. Community support was as strong as ever & arguably a source of inspiration in itself with people lining the Ironman course & cheering on those involved well into the evening.


Being involved in the Bright Night Run meant I didn’t get a ton of photos from the evening but the pre & post-run entertainment gave me a chance to continue my light & prism experiments, as did the colour & light clad supporters of the Ironman.


Altogether it was a wonderful Ironman weekend with priceless memories that has left me well & truly bitten by that running bug I was so warned about! I am very much inspired to continue entering fun runs/races & photographing wherever possible.


Inspiration abounds at these events thanks to all involved, especially those organising behind-the-scenes. Special thanks to all organisers & volunteers of the Bright Night Run & Ironman weekend – another brilliant success. See you next year!


“There is something magical about running; after a certain distance, it transcends the body. Then a bit further, it transcends the mind. A bit further yet, and what you have before you, laid bare, is the soul.” – Kristin Armstrong



    1. allyshawebber

      As a person who has early onset osteoarthritis in my spine & has experienced multiple breaks in my legs & tendon/ligament damage that required surgery I don’t take any movement for granted & feel lucky with every simple task – as you said. Thank you for your comment & for the pertinent reminder 🙏🏃‍♀️


    1. allyshawebber

      Thank you for your kind words & i’m so glad you agree! Running has given me the ultimate metaphor for life & individuals like yourself are an inspiration – love your work & look forward to reading more & watching your journey unfold 💪🙂

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