2019 Mother’s Day Classic

Eight women die every day from breast cancer in Australia and more than 3000 people will lose their lives to breast cancer in 2019.


This morning, Sunday the 12/5/19 I participated in the Port Macquarie Mother’s Day classic, with all funds raised going directly to helping fund scientists find a cure for breast cancer along with better treatments with less side effects.


It was not only an incredible 5km run event but was also a deeply moving, thoughtful & uplifting remembrance of those loved ones lost to cancer & was simultaneously an inspirational celebration of all the brave survivors of this disease.


Cancer survivors & their family members were among the hundreds present & the sight of so many people unified by their dedication to this cause who donned bright pink colours & filled every inch of the pavement was a stirring tribute that I feel fortunate to have witnessed & been a part of.


The brisk morning air that whipped off the river route hit me like a cold punch in the lungs & was an unexpected shock to my system that admittedly slowed me down in parts but I managed to adjust my pace in these parts of the run so as to not burn out my cardio engine & managed to come back strong & finish the run with an official time of 00:32:21. Considering I am in the first 6 months of my running training & the Mother’s Day Classic was just my second official 5k run I am pretty bloody thrilled with my effort & progress!


Full credit goes to the local volunteers who turned a fun run/walk into a moving, uplifting & downright fun experience for all who were involved – young, old & canine friends all had an incredible morning. The Mother’s Day Classic delivered in so many ways & more, & was true to the description by volunteers in pre-race media as a way to “Make Mother’s Day Mean More”.


Till next time,



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