Collectors Anonymous No. 1

Hi Friends,

I wanted to tell you a bit about my new zine ‘Collectors Anonymous No. 1’. I am excited to finally share it with you as creating this zine/tangible collecting experience in an envelope has been a lot of fun.


Collectors Anonymous No. 1 is an envelope sized celebration of stamp collecting in its many forms. The Collectors Anonymous Zine provides a brief background to some of the most notable stamps in history & their collectors, while the packet of stamps & handling tools will engage you directly with your new collection. Whether you have an interest in stamps or not, Collectors Anonymous No. 1 allows you to fully experience stamp collecting first hand through utilising the contents found in the envelope.


Collectors Anonymous No. 1 comes with the following items in a handmade envelope:

1 x Collectors Anonymous Zine (14 pages)
6 x Individual Stamps (international)
1 x Playing Card with hand-written poem
1 x Stamp Magnifying Glass (plastic)
1 x Stamp Tweezers (plastic)

Collectors Anonymous No. 1 is now available for purchase in my Etsy store for $6




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