Mind of a Scientist / Heart of an Artist

My name is Allysha Webber, I am a multi-disciplinary visual storyteller currently based in Port Macquarie, Australia.

Originally heading down the path to becoming a doctor in my early 20’s, I uprooted my life in order to follow my true passion of filmmaking. My first major short film, ‘The Last Artist’, premiered shortly after its completion at Chicago Shorts Fest and went on to win the animation category. Since then ‘The Last Artist’ has screened at over 70 film festivals, from Sydney to Kosovo.

Storytelling is not just my profession or my career, it is what I live for. I love to tell my stories, & the stories of others, through as many means of storytelling that are available. Whether it’s through animation, photography, live action film or writing, or a hybrid form of storytelling that combines many mediums, I believe all stories deserve to be told.

I hope you enjoy my work, from my blog posts/reviews to my photography & film work.

& if you have a story you’d like to tell, I am always open to collaboration, so be sure to drop me a line.

~ Allysha