The Last Artist

The Last Artist

A film by Allysha Webber



Australia / 8min / 2014

WRI/DIR/PROD: Allysha Webber



The last man on Earth, William; an artist, must come to terms with his existence and artistic practice away from the eyes of society. William must forge his own truly independent artistic identity away from an audience and become at peace with his solitary existence.



About ‘The Last Artist’

‘The Last Artist’ emerged as the culmination of ideas on the philosophy of solipsism as it applies to artistic practice. Eventually realised as the writer/directors major project whilst studying at The International Film School Sydney, the roots of the idea were already firmly in place before attempting the major project.



Directors Statement & Bio

Solipsism is the view or theory that ‘the self is all that can be known and verified’. This is where the film started, in this short but complex definition. If we all applied this to ourselves and our existences, how would we function in society? And to go a step further, how would we function away from society, faced with the brutal awareness of our aloneness? I explored these questions in ‘The Last Artist’, and it was my desire to present it not as a film with a question and an answer, but rather as an open ended question, open to every artist or creative soul that watches the film and to their own reflections on the nature of their creative practice, with and without the eyes of society. I aim to provoke every person amongst the audience with any inkling towards the creative, acknowledged or not, to get to the very essence of what they are trying to express and consider how that would be different if they had no eyes to judge their art. If we were able to express uncensored art straight from the soul, what would it look like, feel like, be like? The responses to these questions are unique to each audience member, and it was my aim to engage every person with their creativity on new, unexpected levels.


Originally heading down the path to becoming a doctor in her early 20s, Allysha Webber uprooted her life in order to follow her true passion of filmmaking. Her first major short film, ‘The Last Artist’, premiered shortly after its completion at Chicago Shorts Fest and went on to win the animation category. The success of this film is a testament to the hard work and dedication Allysha has applied to this career change, and she hasn’t looked back ever since.

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 7.46.23 pm


The voice of William is voiced by Sydney based actor Francis J Edwards. In the past 2 years, Francis has been cast in and completed 32 different short films in both leading & featured roles. One of these was recently included in Flickerfest 2013 as a featured short. As well as this, Francis played the lead role in ‘The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit” the 2013 winner of the 48 hour film project.

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International Festival Preimere at Chicago Shorts Film Festival, USA, 2014
Selected at 70+ Film Festivals

– Winner of the Short Animation Prize at the Chicago Shorts Film Festival, Chicago, USA, 2014
– Runner-Up Audience Choice Award at the Sydney Underground Film Festival, Sydney, Australia, 2014
– Jury’s Special Mention at the AnimaSyros Film Festival, Syros, Greece, 2014
– Special International Jury Prize at the EuroFilm Festival, Marabella, Spain, 2015



    1. allyshawebber

      Thank you for watching & thank you for your kind comments. At the screenings for my film I put that question to the audience & there was an interesting array of responses, with most agreeing that their practice would considerably change if there was no-one to consume their art.. even though I created this film that question still plagues me, in a good way. thanks again for your comments 🙂

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